Jack Denker

Jack Denker


Jack Denker has been involved in the First Responder / First Receiver / Domestic Preparedness business since 1998.  He has been providing PPE (personal protective equipment) programs, training and equipment to our U.S. Military, Federal Agencies including FEMA, FBI, CIA, WHMO, the Federal Reserve, U.S. Marshals, Center for Domestic Preparedness, U.S. Department of State, and the USDA just to name a few.  His clients have also included foreign governments and military, the United Nations, mission groups deployed globally, and industrial clients in the petroleum and chemical business.  Denker has worded with over 100 manufacturers to provide protection to our First Responders and First Receivers from natural disasters, infectious disease and counter terrorism programs.  Equipment ranging from protective suits, respiratory protection from N-95s, PAPR's, SCBA's, escape masks decontamination tents, trailers, mass casualty caches, communication, detection, and EOD suits.  Denker is currently a partner with ETL Response LLC.


115 County Rd 381

Wewahitchka, Florida 32465

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