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UAV Corp Receives Name Change and Notice of Airport Improvements

UAV Corp Receives Name Change and Notice of Airport Improvements - UAV Corp

UAV Corp (OTC Pink: HTTI) received notice from FINRA that the name change from Han Tang Technology, Inc. to UAV Corp has become effective January 11, 2021 through Rule 6490. FINRA completed its review and processed the request for the Corporate Action. Further, the New Symbol change to UAV, pending availability for the next 20 business days will go in effect February 10, 2021.

"We are excited to now be operating under a name that is reflective of our business model and future expansion plans," stated William Robinson Chairman of UAV Corp.

The Company is also pleased to announce that on January 5, 2021 UAV Corp's subsidiary, Skyborne Technology, Inc. received a letter from Gulf County Board of Commissioners stating the following for the infrastructure start at Costin Airport:

"Gulf County has received a Grant award from the U.S. Economic Development Administration in the amount of $615,448.00 and has been awarded a Grant from the Department of Economic Opportunity in the amount of $489,420.00. This funding of $1,104,868.00 will be used for the design, permitting, and construction infrastructure improvements along Cessna Drive. The improvements include a paved road, new waterline, new sewer line, and 3 phase power."

"The County is currently advertising for engineering services in order to complete the design and permitting of this project. Once the design is complete the County will receive bids for the construction of these improvements."

"We are thrilled by the Federal and State Grant's in support of the UAV Corp/Skyborne project," stated Jim McKnight Director of the Gulf County EDC.

"Those funds will allow Gulf County to provide the infrastructure necessary for UAV Corp's hangar project and serve as an incentive to other aerospace businesses considering locating in our community."

"We are extremely excited and thankful for Gulf County, Florida to obtain the Grant financing for the build of the infrastructure at Costin Airport. This was a critical piece to run in parallel of the build of the new airship and drone hangar as this will be the largest building in Gulf County," stated Michael Lawson, CEO of UAV Corp/Skyborne Technology.

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