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Han Tang Technologies, Inc. Provides Material Updates Regarding Skyborne Technology, Inc

Port St. Joe, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - April 29, 2020) - Han Tang Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: HTTI), today provided an update regarding its wholly owned subsidiary Skyborne Technology, Inc., ("STI") current status.

Han Tang Technologies, Inc. Provides Material Updates Regarding Skyborne Technology, Inc - UAV Corp

STI's manufacturing facility in Wewahitchka, Florida utilizes state-of-the-art CAD cutting system, married with industrial sewing machines, aerospace metals and composite materials to produce the unique, Tether-Airship(s) and drones technology. The latest version of the airship drone carrier currently under construction is seven stories high, made of Dyneema; a material ten times stronger than steel. The flight-tested quad engine propulsion system allows vertical takeoff /landing and other flight characteristics uncommon to airships. The airship will house two drones for launch and recovery. This semirigid airship can operate as a manned or unmanned in its tethered configuration. This SA-70 aerial platform is 65% complete and is scheduled to be in the air with a drone package later this year. The SA-70 will be hangered and operating from STI's newly acquired airport in Port St. Joe, Gulf County, Florida.

The Company has been working directly with Gulf County government to win approval on two matching fund grants totaling $1.1 million, these Grants will provide infrastructure support at Skyborne's airport for the company and future complimentary businesses and partners. Specifically, the grants will be utilized to construct a new road, water, sewer and three phase power to STI's new hangar under development. This new infrastructure will add significant value to the airport and to the area. Additionally, the Gulf County Planning and Development Board has approved plans for a 300' in length and 96' high hanger/building, which will be the tallest building in the area and serve to house the airships and drones. Other grants and contracts are under negotiations to partner with the area colleges and businesses to develop emergency response systems and the training programs necessary to deploy the tether-airship (DATT) system that involves a turn-key seamless communication network.

"We are excited about the growth for HTTI, the subsidiaries and look forward to expanding the employment opportunities for the Gulf County Region and the State of Florida. The combined technologies fill an immediate need in both the US and abroad," stated Billy Robinson, Chairman of HTTI.

"The current business model targets disaster relief, border protection, communication, public safety, environmental research, distance learning, medical and other vertical markets globally." We have also provided links to recent articles on the growth of Skyborne Technology," stated Michael Lawson, CEO of Skyborne.


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