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Defense and Border Security


The Skyborne Airship with DATT is the answer to securing a Nation's border and defend it from illegal drug trafficking.  The independently-controlled airship is capable of launching multiple drones for surveillance tasks.

Launching UAS platforms from the airship itself saves set-up time, doesn't require a launch site, and in turn will arrive to the scene much sooner for prompt response.

The airship relays video from the UAS platform to the command center and to each participating ground team.  It also relays communications to/from each participating ground team and the command center.  Combined, an efficient and reliable technology ensure the success of each mission.



The Skyborne Airship with DATT can be configured to launch UAS platforms equipped with sensors for your data collection needs.

LiDAR scanners are used to scan terrain to determine topography, which is highly useful in areas where water drainage is crucial, even in thick vegetation.  Using this data can provide answers to develop water retention solutions.  Hyperspectral and nDVI cameras assist with monitoring crop health and early detection of crop diseases, resulting in early intervention and producing higher yield.

The data is relayed from the UAS through the airship and to the field crews and the command center, where it can be analyzed and reported to the appropriate department.



The Skyborne Airship with DATT gives police departments a 24/7 surveillance capability utilizing the Wide Area Aerial System (WAAS).  


The tether can be released in emergency situations allowing the airship to move directly to and hover over an area of concern. 


Pursuit of criminals is further augmented by small unmanned aircraft released from the airship that can be flown to track and relay criminal activity and their whereabouts via video and communications.



The Skyborne Airship with DATT uses its robust communication systems to relay video and communications directly to the classroom enabling a real time, interactive learning environment. 


It also allows schools in neighboring or distant villages and cities to interact and share with one another giving all students a greater breadth of knowledge and appreciation of their country. 


It enables greater focus and assures Education Ministries that academic and classroom management standards are met.



The Skyborne Airship with DATT provides remote, less traveled, areas the benefit of robust line of sight cellular communication, improving highway safety and rapid response to mishaps or drivers in distress. 


It also provides radio and television network relays to remote villiages.



The Skyborne Airship offers telemedicine capability to remote locations allowing hospital based physicians to communicate directly with remote village health care personnel. 


It also provides the unique capability of enabling the rapid delivery of medical supplies utilizing drones.

Natural Disaster Relief


The Skyborne Airship with DATT offers persistent watch capability of areas affected by a natural disaster. 


The airship can fly to the area and, if a closer look is required, dispatch drones from the cargo bay to fly and loiter over the area to assist rescue personnel in saving lives impacted by the results of the disaster.

Traffic Control


As with all cities, traffic can become an issue making it difficult for rescue and emergency response vehicles to get to the scene of an emergency. 


The Skyborne Airship with DATT provides persistent stare capability for traffic control operators who can see the traffic first hand and assist first responders with alternate routes.